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One of the biggest reasons the Persimmon Festival has continued on for so many years is thanks to its chairpersons.

These people volunteer hours and hours of their time to plan the biggest event of the year! The chairperson changes every year with each one adding their own spin on things. Below are the people that bring you the Mitchell Persimmon Festival:

2023Carol Chambers
2022Don Caudell, Larry Caudell, Tonya Chastain, Mark Bryant & Krystal Shetler
2021Suzanne Patton
2019Andy Mullen
2018Larry Caudell
2017Elizabeth Freeman-Cammack
2016Henry Shetler
2015Teresa Reynolds
2014Christina Hooten
2013Lori Quebbeman
2012Steve Dobson
2011Larry Hardman
2010Krystal Shetler
2009Vicky Schegel
2008Jay Tomlinson
2007Jamey Sullivan
2006Troy Quebbeman
2005Greg Smith
2004Scott Jenkins
2003Larry Root
2002Dean Pielemeier
2001Tonya Chastain
2000Jeff Helfrich
1999Paul Barlow
1998Andrea McCord
1997Mark Bryant
1996David Nolan
1995Gary Pruett
1994Timothy Clouse
1993Brenda Dunbar
1992George James
1991Gerald Tolliver
1990Oweetah Scott
1989Gerald Tolliver
1987-88Terry Slone
1962-64Don W. Caudell
1960-61Ned Grayson
1954-58F.X. Newman
1986George James
1985Reny Burgi
1984David Nolan
1983Dana Dunbar
1982Chris Burton
1981Gary Pruett
1980Randy Young
1979Don Caudell II
1978Bradley Atkinson
1977Tom Fisher
1976Albert S. Chastain
1975Dana Dunbar
1974Don W. Caudell
1973Keith York
1971Albert S. Chastain
1970Mary O. Harrison
1969Lee Hupp
1968Gilbert Sheeks
1967H.W. Purkhiser
1966Ruth Curtis
1965Stanley Henderson
1959George Bishop
1953Wendell Holmes
1952F.X. Newman
1951R.B. Pearson
1947-50George Bishop

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