Welcome to the Annual
Mitchell Persimmon Festival

The Persimmon Festival celebrated its first year in 1947 when longtime Mitchell educator and native, George Bishop, came up with the plan to start a three-day festival in late October as a homecoming for those who called Mitchell their home. From there, the festival grew into a week-long celebration that encompasses Spring Mill State Park as well as downtown Mitchell as an all-volunteer staff of community members plan nightly musical entertainment, craft shows, fantastic food offerings, a carnival, a historic re-creation, car shows, queen contests and fun for people of all ages. 

On behalf of the Greater Mitchell Chamber of Commerce, the Persimmon Festival committee hopes you will visit our beAutiful southern Indiana town, taking in all the tourist attractions that make Lawrence County and Mitchell a great place to live, work and visit. While in Mitchell, we hope you’ll visit the businesses that help make this festival possible with their continued sponsorships. Most of all, we hope you’ll enjoy the Persimmon Festival by visiting our vendors, watching the live musical entertainment each night on the Main Street Stage and celebrating Lawrence County’s quirky little fruit: The native persimmon. Welcome to Mitchell and its beloved Persimmon Festival, and thank you for coming to our grand homecoming.  – 75th Persimmon Festival Committee.

It’s all centered around the the little local fruit – persimmons!

The Persimmon Festival is held on the last full week of September, right around the time persimmons are falling to the ground. Along Main Street, kids are laughing on amusement rides, the smell of fair food fills the air and everyone is gathering for the best week of the year!

It all kicks off on a Saturday with the Annual Tri Kappa Candlelight Tour at Spring Mill State Park. The historic Pioneer Village comes to life during this night as thousands of people arrive to start the festival off right.

Throughout the week of the festival, you will see a huge stage where visitors can enjoy nightly entertainment for free. From local bands to big name artists, there is something for everyone to listen to! Tickets and wristbands are available to purchase if you want to take on amusement rides like the ever-so-loved Zipper or the Scrambler! Food trucks line the street offering up a huge variety of food. Eat a tenderloin the size of your head, enjoy the smokiest pulled pork or savor the sweetness of a tiger ear!

It all ends with the Grand Parade on the last Saturday of the festival, and let us tell you… it is GRAND! You won’t want to miss it.

If you’ve never tried persimmons or you’ve never been to the Mitchell Persimmon Festival, we would love for you to visit!


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