*General Chairman Suzanne Patton 812-583-1204

*Co-Chairperson Carol Chambers  812- 583-4683

*second Co-Chairperson Aimee Carlisle  812-545-1309

Treasurer Don Caudell 812-849-4200

Antique Tractor Sonja Mills 812-797-6251

Arm Band Sales Jan Dalton 812-849-4142

Arts & Crafts Susie Cessna 812-849-3082

Barbara Wigley 812-849-3927

Arts & Exhibits W.David Fields 812-278-4723

Baby Contest Angela Edwards 812-583-2941

Commercial Tent Mike James 812-849-5479                                         Vicky Schlegel 797-7984

Community Yard Sale Chamber Office 812-849-4441

Corn Hole Tourney Dee Duncan 812-583-0692

Cruise In Billy Sanders 812-278-1185

Emergency Equip. Show Tyler Duncan 812-583-6770

Festival Photographer Jeff Routh 812-849-2134

Little, Mini, Jr. Miss Pageant Chair-Jennifer McNeely 812-675-2175

Motorcycle Show Rob Stephens 812-797-4876

Parade Amy Garland 812-583-5651

Persimmon Dessert & Novelty Alverta Hart 812-849-3441

Persimmon 5K Walk/Run Lori Quebbeman 812-277-6491           Dawn Duncan 812-278=4115

Persimmon Idol WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ 812-275-7555

Persimmon Market Lori Hall 281-731-6008

Photography Contest Stephanie Jones 812-276-9272

Quilt Show Dee Brinkworth 812-849-2648

Queen Pageant Chair-Katie Houchin 812-278-0200

Road Rally Kristen Mundy  812-675-7539

Senior Day Trudy Wells 812-849-4457

Ticket Booth Chamber Office 812-849-4441

Vesper Service Reggie Clark 812-508-4331

Float Preparation Becky Mason 812-797-4491

27 thoughts on “CONTACTS”

    1. It is Mitchell, IN. 60 miles north of Louisville and 90 miles south of Indianapolis.

      Larry “Bamm” Caudell
      2018 General Chairman

  1. Is there an opportunity to purchase persimmon pudding at this festival or to taste the persimmon pudding of the contestants?

    1. Bret, There will be several local vendors that supply persimmon pudding by the piece, 1/2 or whole puddings. As for the to taste the puddings of the contestants would not be possible as they bring one piece in to be judged, not the whole pudding. Unless you know someone who is entering that could save you a piece.

      Larry “Bamm” Caudell
      2018 Festival General Chairman

  2. Sorry, but the website is not user friendly… Wed, the 26th, Senior Day? What are the activities for Wed, the 26th? Also, what time is Entertainment and what is it? Thanks.

    1. Brenda, Sorry you are having a problem.

      *Senior Day, 1:00pm 9/26 at Main St Stage with live music and dancing in the streets; 4:30pm Italian Dinner in Food Tent; 5:00pm Carnival Rides; (Also many other food vendors); 6:00pm The Idigos brass Rock Band from Indy; 8:00pm Cody Ikerd and the Sidewinders. Close down at 10:00. The Methodist Church, First Baptist Church and Psi Betas serve food starting at 10:00am for Methodist and rest 11:00am.

      Have a great day.

  3. Would you e-mail me the dates for the 2020 Persimmon Festival so I can put it in my planner. I am assuming persimmon trees will be available for purchase.
    Larry Schlatter Gambier OH

    1. Hi Larry!
      The dates for the 2020 Festival are September 19-26, 2020. I’m not sure about persimmon trees.
      Please call the Chamber office at 812-849-4441 to find out if they will be available. There were
      no trees sold last year. Have a great day!
      Suzanne Patton

    1. Larry, It’s possible there will be persimmon trees for sale in 2021 at the 75th festival. The best source of up to date information is the Persimmon Festival Facebook page. Thanks! Suzanne

      1. A game like the old quarter game that was there for years. The one where you place a quarter on a colored square around the booth and someone throws a ball and if it lands on your color you get a prize.

  4. I was very disappointed to see a vendor selling Confederate flag merchandise in the commercial tent. The festival committee has full discretion on what they allow in that tent, and that was entirely inappropriate.

  5. Someone needs to make corrections on the recipes for the winners. The 2018 persimmon pudding recipe is a disaster as written. I believe it lacks flour. The 2017 persimmon pudding recipe lacks persimmons.

  6. hello. I am interested in being a commercial vendor in 2020 but i am not local, from Tennessee. I cant even decipher if you let vendors sell merchandise the website is so poorly designed and executed. I want everyone to be successful, and you will never build on your past success with this site. Seriously, if you are paying someone to design and maintain it-fire them. If not, hire someone. Im sure you could never imagine the people who don’t attend because they cant get clear, concise, pertinent info.

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