August 21, 20201

 To: Interested Citizens

 Dear Citizens,

   My name is Katie Houchin, and I am in my second year as chairmen for the Persimmon Festival Queen pageant. As most are aware, the Persimmon Festival is a key factor in our town’s history and has continued for over 70 years. I am proud to be from Mitchell, I am proud to be a former queen, and I am proud to be the chairmen; but I must admit, I am also scared.

   I am scared that this contest will no longer be a possibility if significant change is not made. Over the last few years, the pageant has seen a dramatic decline in contestants each year. We have gone from 30+ contestants, to only 7 being registered thus far. I am trying my absolute best to bring the pageant back to its former glory, but I cannot do that without your support.

   I am asking that you please help me keep this contest going, by donating to our 2021 Queen and her court. I have done research and spoken to past contestants and others attending Mitchell High School, and realistically, my biggest challenge is lack of monetary funds. Our girls are needing money for upcoming college expenses, and most have insinuated they would be willing to participate for a large cash prize.

   Although my research has found monetary donations to be of want and need; I must stress that donations can be of monetary value, coupons, gift certificates, apparel from your business, etc. Donations are an absolute MUST for the pageant to continue, and I would be forever grateful for your donations to this cause, as this contest holds a special place in my heart.

   I am hoping in the coming years I can work with the Chamber and the Persimmon Festival Committee to make this pageant scholarship based. Until that year comes, I am depending on the support of the wonderful businesses in Mitchell, to keep this pageant going.

   If you have any questions, or would like to donate. Please feel free to contact me via cell phone 812-278-0200, or email at katiehouchin16@gmail.com. Thank you for your time, and consideration.

 Thank you,

Katie Houchin

Sponsored by The Greater Mitchell Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 216, Mitchell Indiana 812-849-4441


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