Thank you for submitting a parade form and entering our parade!  We will contact you if there is a problem with your form.  Otherwise you are entered into the parade once you hit submit!  You will be notified as to your parade slot number.  Can’t wait to see you there!!


Mitchell Persimmon Festival Parade Rules:

Parade Rules:

No who is doing the parade or when, the following rules are non-negotiable in organizing the parade.

  • No parade unit is allowed to throw out candy or pass out candy along the parade route during the parade due to insurance liability rules.
  • Each political party is allowed one float and/or entry each. All candidates must be included in this entry, which can include all signage, etc.  Same goes during school board races; either they jump on same float or they don’t get in.  Sitting office holders and/or dignitaries (Mayor, Lt. Governor, Governor, Senate, etc.) can ride separately.  However, they CANNOT have re-election signs on vehicles if it is an election year for them.  It can only say “Gov. John Doe” and not “Re-elect John Doe for Governor.”
  • Parade entries, including political candidates, CANNOT pass out literature, signs, stickers, magnets or anything during the parade.
  • The parade should focus on keeping things moving. Keep performances to a limited amount of time so there aren’t huge gaps later in the parade route.  Ask entrants to keep performance that stop the parade to a minimum and keep them under a minute.
  • Encourage businesses to enter units that more entertaining, not just blatant advertising, and limit each to one vehicle. So AAA Chimney Sweep cannot have three vehicles in the parade, just one, and preferably that one vehicle is pulling a float.



Sponsored by the Mitchell Chamber of Commerce. Festival dates September 21st-28th 2019


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