Saturday, September 19 – Saturday, September 26, 2020

Plan on joining the Greater Mitchell Chamber of Commerce for the 74th annual Persimmon Festival!

4 thoughts on “74th ANNUAL MITCHELL PERSIMMON FESTIVAL Mitchell, Indiana

  1. Very disappointed. Since the dates of this festival are shown on the website as September 21-28, 2019, my daughter and I drove from Indianapolis/Fishers down to Mitchell on Saturday the 21st! Needless to say nothing was going on except food trucks being set up (not serving food) and a couple of tents welling odds and ends. No persimmon pudding or persimmon ice cream! A few other people we ran into had come into Mitchell for the Festival. No one was very happy! Oh well,

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Sponsored by the Mitchell Chamber of Commerce. Festival dates September 21st-28th 2019


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